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welcome to adi

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welcome to adi

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An Initiative for Development


Assam Development Initiative (ADI) is an independent trust, registered at Guwahati Assam (Reg. No. 3440). The objective of ADI is the development of youth in Assam and the Northeast through a ‘holistic’ learning approach at home and school, based on values and helping underprivileged children getting access to basic education, both in the rural as well as in the urban areas.

Our Projects

Value based Education (VbE) & Child Development Project

Management & Operation of Rural Primary Schools

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The primary emphasis of ADI is on involvement of the youth of Assam and the North East for development in education, literacy, art & culture, economic and skill development. Particular emphasis is provided for development of children.

A number of universities and colleges are supporting with staff members & student volunteers, which include NERIM, Downtown University, Gauhati University, Kaziranga University etc.

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Recent Articles

26-Feb, 24 A School with a Difference

A School with a Difference

  • Upasha Boruah Phukan

In this article, Upasha Boruah Phukan, the President and Managing Trustee of Assam Development Initiative ADI is describing her personal positive experience at Numaligarh Higher Secondary school while actively participating and supporting the project team in some of the activities of the ADI sponsored Value based Education & Child Development project. The article is submitted for publication in Numoligarh Refinery Higher Secondary school magazine for their 60th anniversary.

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